meThanks for visiting.  I’m an engineer by training and a manager by necessity.  I’m currently working as the Director of Engineering at the health startup Iodine.

Prior to that, I got my PhD doing research in the area of distributed systems.  Back far in the past, I was a director at a failed search startup and a staff engineer at a very successful search startup.


You can email me here.


  • Spartan: Numpy compatible distributed arrays.
  • Piccolo: Distributed Computing with shared tables.
  • Falcon: A fast Python register based Python interpreter.
  • FastNet: A flexible Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) framework.
  • Speedy: A fast, non-blocking RPC library for Python.  Speedy is in active use by several startups.
  • MPIRPC: Combines user-level threading with some helper functions for performing collective operations to make a more user-friendly MPI.
  • JavaProf: A sampling profiler for the JVM
  • QuickCite:Lookup and automatically update bibtex entries.
  • Fringe-o-matic: A Better FringeNYC interface
  • easy-ec2: Scripts to simplify launching and managing EC2 instances from the command line.


Papers I’ve written or worked on (ordered by date):